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Multi Gun

Match Director

Gary Carr


Match Fees

  • Non-members $15 

  • Members $10 

  • Heritage Members $5

  • Law enforcement $8

  • Age 17 or under $0

We shoot four or five gun stages. Most stages require transitioning from one gun to another. Bring 50 to 70 rounds for each gun and 10 slugs.

If a long gun is in a case with a safety indicator in the chamber you may place it into a cart in the parking area. Once long guns are in a cart you may only remove them in a designated safety area.   


You may only remove your gun from a cart in a bay with the barrel facing the side berm to preload or place it on the staging table. Leave the safety indicator in the chamber until the Range Officer tells you to make ready.

If you are not using a cart, leave long guns in a case. Only uncase long guns at a staging table with the barrel facing the side berm.

If you need to handle the long gun for any reason other than preloading or being called to the line to shoot, it must be cased and carried to a designated safety area. The muzzle of your long gun should always be pointed at the side berm until you are called to the line.

For information on divisions, see Appendix A1 - A5 in the document below. 

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