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Rifle Bay Rules

Uncasing and casing of firearms is not allowed while the shooter downrange safety flag is displayed.


Communication between shooters on the range is required prior to shooters going down range to paint, tape or replace targets.


Stay behind the yellow line until shooters have returned from downrange.

Do not handle firearms or associated equipment while shooters are downrange.


Firearms must be uncased and cased at the shooting line with muzzle pointing downrange and an empty chamber indicator installed.


When moving your firearm from one location to another, an empty chamber indicator must be installed and the firearm must be carried in a vertical position with the muzzle up.


Shooters must stay behind the red firing line while shooting.

Cross-firing from one side of the range to the other is not permitted. 

The downrange safety flag must be deployed in front of the firing line before shooters go down range and withdrawn when the range is clear.

All uncased firearms must have an empty chamber indicator installed when not in use at the firing line, in the rifle rack and while shooters are downrange.


Club members or their guests are not allowed on the rifle bay hill.


Personal targets are not allowed on the rifle bay hill. 


Steel targets are not allowed within 40 meters of the shooting line.


Shooters must pick up their empty cartridge cases before leaving the range.


It is the responsibility of all shooters to help keep the range clean and free of debris.

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