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Welcome to SASS Affiliated

Whiskey Row Wild Bunch

Match Directors

Jim Scordato (The Butcher)

Charles Lehr (Wolfie Lehr)

Match Fees

  • Non-Members $15

  • Members $10

  • Buckaroos & Buckerettes (under 18) $0

Come join us as we relive those days of the Old West in one of those Old West towns.

Our matches start at 10:00 am after a mandatory safety meeting at 9:45 am October through May and start at 9:00 am after a mandatory safety meeting at 8:45 am June  through September.

Our goal is to be safe and provide a fun time for all SASS shooters, experienced or not.


All SASS Rules apply. Additionally, shooters will be disqualified for shooting a round over a berm.

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