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General Range Rules

Check the club calendar before coming to the range. The range may be closed for maintenance, special events or weather restrictions.

Club Calendar

Members may use available practice bays at any time. Members may also use non-match areas during regularly scheduled matches.


Sign in using the book in the mailbox next to the range flag, then raise the range flag.


Incendiary, tracer, magnet attracting bullets and explosive ammunition are not allowed.

ATV's are not allowed on the range without permission from the Range Master.


The upper parking lot behind the rifle bay may not be used as a shooting point.


Placing targets on the hillside behind the rifle bay is not allowed.

Pets are not allowed on the range.

​The speed limit on the narrow dirt road to our range is 15 mph.


The speed limit on the range is 5 mph.

Members must lock the gate after passing through on non-event days to be sure the range is secure, even if someone else is there.

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