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Benchrest Paper

Match Director

Ed Serich


Match Fees

  • Non-members $10

  • Members $6

  • Heritage Members $3

  • Non-member Second Gun $5

  • Member Second Gun $3

  • Heritage Member Second Gun $2

  • Law enforcement $3

  • Age 17 or under $0


Our match is on the second Tuesday of each month. Registration is via email. Setup will be 9:00 am match day, the match will begins at 10:00 am.

We shoot three targets at 40 meters each having 25 scoring bulls and 3 bulls. Total round count for the match is around 100 rounds.

The match is open to rifles and pistols. Classes follow Silhouette rules for Hunter class rifle/pistol and Standard class rifle/pistol. There is one additional unlimited class.

The unlimited class does not have restrictions, but the gun must be safe and legal. Two piece rests, front rest only or bipod only and bipod with rear rest, can be used. Unlimited class can use a one piece rest. None of the rests can be attached to the bench.

For registration email I can send a practice target, scoring instructions, and a brief description. For match rules click the link below.

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