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Benchrest Steel

Match Director

Ed Serich


Match Fees

  • Non-members $10

  • Members: $6

  • Heritage Members $3

  • Non-member Second Gun $5

  • Members Second Gun $3

  • Heritage Members Second Gun $2

  • Law enforcement $3

  • Age 17 and under free

This match is held on the fourth Tuesday of each month and is open to rifles only.

Registration is via email. 

Setup is 9:00 am match day and the match begins at 10:00 am.

We will be shooting four strings per match with each string being fifteen rounds. There will also be four sight in periods, five minutes for the first string and two minutes for strings 1,2 and 3. Total round count for the match should be around 100 rounds.

Silhouette rules for Hunter and Standard class rifle apply. Additionally, an unlimited has no restrictions other than the gun must be safe and legal. Two piece rests, front rest only or bi pod only and bi pod with rear rest can be used. None of the rests can be attached to the bench. Ammunition restrictions apply in each class.

For a copy of our rules, a practice target, how to score and questions, email the Match Director.

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